Spinia Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

There is no secret that gambling might be addictive and players should see a clear line between money-earning entertainment and addiction that damages real life. Spinia casino wants to make the gaming experience as much safe and satisfying as possible. That is why Spinia doesn’t deny the possibility of the negative impact that constant gambling might have. To prevent an unpleasant result of gaming Spinia support team gives the following recommendations for players to be safe. 

Long story short, here are the main points that we will cover up in the article:

  • Step aside if you know that you will probably have problems.
  • Make sure that you are playing for pleasure, not for money.
  • Remember to have a rest from casino games and slots. 
  • Self-control is a must for a Spinia casino user. 

For Spinia casino users to be sure that their mental health isn’t in danger of gaming addiction let’s go through every point we stated above. 

Check the Possibility of Gambling Addiction

One of the values of Spinia casino is players’ safety. If you have a fear that the money waste is out of your control, we honestly advise you to step aside, and not to play at Spinia casino. 

For those of you who are unsure if they just enjoy gambling or have real problems with control of the money you spend, here you can check it. Pass the test on begambleaware.org to get an honest answer based on the statistics of your answers. 

Spinia gambling test

Define the Real Reason for Playing at Spinia Casino  

A common issue with defining if you get satisfaction from the game or only with money you won is that both money and gaming itself are a source of joy. Here you should understand if you see that you got some kind of pleasure even if you lost, then the reason for your playing itself. But if you lose, and it’s compared to the end of the world for you personally then you should have a rest from Spinia casino, rearrange your priorities, and only after that return to the game. 

Every Entertainment Should Have a Rest

Once you find yourself playing spins on Spinia casino 24/7, you should pull yourself together and exit the site. It is an unhealthy sign if you run away from the real world in the world of slots and bets, you should focus on your friends and family. Spinia casino offers the best to its user, but it is completely your range of influence. Spinia casino is only a tool to spend some free time with the excitement of a game, but not the whole life. 


Spinia casino team cares about the mental health of gaming club members. If your answer is “yes” to more than half of the following questions, then probably you have some issues with gambling. In this case, Spinia casino begs you to seek professional help. 

  • Is it difficult for you to control the amount of money that you spend on gambling?
  • Have you ever lend out or steal money to play slots?
  • Do you choose to spend time gambling instead of your family and friends?
  • Do you have a negative reaction of your relatives to your gambling hobby?
  • Have you given up your hobbies or regular leisure activities?
  • Do you suffer from depression or have suicidal thoughts when you lose the game?
  • Have you ever lied to your relatives to hide the amount of money you lost on gambling?

Spinia Casino Support

As we stated above Spinia casino value its players, that is why the Spinia team will never push you to the game and put ahead of the possibility of gambling addiction. 

Here is some simple advice the Spinia team has for players:

  1. Never consider gambling as a source of income.
  2. Limit the amount of money and time you can spend on games. Never break this limit.
  3. Spinia casino offers special features to control your gaming. 
  4. Use only money that would be okay to lose.
  5. Never gamble if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or depressed.

Spinia Casino Special Features

If you have noticed some traits of gambling addiction Spinia casino has some features that would help you to control it to lessen the damage. 

Deposit amount limitation

You can set limits on the amount of money you deposit in a day, week, or month. 

Loss limitation

The amount of loss is defined by the sum of the initial deposit. For example, if you deposit 50 EUR and set a loss limit at 10 EUR, but then you win 1000 EUR, then the limit won’t be applied, and you could lose the amount equal to the amount you have on your account, as the limitation is fixed on the amount of your deposit, not the wining.   

Stake limitation

If you want to be sure that you won’t lose more than you planned, then we advise you to set a limit on your stake. There are limitations for a day, week, and month. 

Limit the time 

Players can set a specific number of minutes they want to spend playing on Spinia casino. 

Rest period

If you got tired from gambling you can write to the Spinia support team and set a rest period for a week, month, 3 months, and 6 months. The rest period is activated immediately as soon as you request it. During this period you wouldn’t be able to make deposits or receive newsletters with Spinia promo codes and free spins Spinia. But withdrawal would remain available. As soon as the rest period is over the account would be automatically activated. 


Self-exclusion is available for 6 months, 9 months, a year, and an indefinite period of time. With self-exclusion, the gaming account is deactivated and the owner is deleted from all Spinia promotion programs. After account deactivation, deposits and withdrawals are disabled for the owner. Remember that if you choose self-exclusion for an indefinite period the remaining balance would be cashed out in accordance with Spinia casino limitations. If you choose an exact period of self-exclusion the cash out would happen only after the period is over. 

Reality check

Sometimes, being in the high game players might lose track of time, Spinia casino users can activate time notifications. It would inform you about the amount of time you have spent playing at Spinia casino. 

Third-Party Support

If you need special help or professional support with gambling issues, the Spinia team advise you to check these useful resources: 

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